The 2016 Keep Austin Agile Conference had many great sessions. See below for copies of the presentations:

Opening Remarks Yasser Farra video
Innovation WTF? William "Whurley" Hurley video
Agile From the Elephant's Point of View: Why IBM Is Jump-Starting Agile Teams With Design Thinking Paul Baffes and Michael Ackerbauer podcast
Agile Metrics: Using Them As a Force For Good, Not Evil Earl Everett podcast video
Backlog Managers: Beware the Devil on Your Shoulder! Scott Killen podcast
Managers and the Land of the Lost Steve Martin
Modern Architecture: Beyond Box Drawings Jeffrey Palermo podcast
What is This Nexus Thing Anyway? Don McGreal and Mark Noneman
Agile Success in the Complex Enterprise Michael Peter podcast
Discover the Power of Pair Testing! Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
From Models to Stories: Building Your Agile Backlog Candase Hokanson podcast
Scaling Agile: A Guide for the Perplexed Sanjiv Augustine
The ScrumMaster Dojo: Building a Scrum Master and Coaching Community of Practice Chris Waggoner and Jason Kline
Things Are Broken: A Study in Moving Tooooo Fast Chris Murman podcast video
Coaching Skills for Scrum Masters Cherie Silas podcast video
DevOps: Improving Agility Through a Culture of Continuous Delivery Chris Edwards podcast video
DocOps: Documentation at the Speed of Agile Mary Connor podcast
It's Not a Sprint; It's a Marathon Stephanie Ockerman podcast
Radical Roadmapping: Creating Synchronized Agile Product and Technology Roadmaps Matt Roberts*
Welcome to the Matrix! Organizational Structures to Support Agile Doc List podcast
3 Stages of Enterprise Agility: From Isolated to Networked Agility Dave Sharrock
Build More Engaging Products with Lessons from the Game Industry Chris Shinkle
Estimating is NOT Planning Dhaval Panchal video
Path to Agility: Adoption Patterns to Overcome Pitfalls David Hawks podcast
Paying Off Technical Debt Walter Bodwell podcast
Refresh, Refactor, or Rewrite? How to Decide the Right Path for Your Legacy Application David Croley
Expanding Beyond Agile - Unlearning Old Lessons on Our Journey to Teal Jason Hall
How to Scale Agile in a Bi-modal World Steve Elliott
Lean/Agile Metrics 101 Larry Maccherone
Portfolio Kanban: Applying Agile and Lean Principles At Portfolio Level (pictures) William Baxter
Technical Excellence Doesn't Just Happen: Igniting a Craftsmanship Culture Allison Pollard, Mike Rieser podcast
Three Things You Must Know to Transform Any Sized Organization Into an Agile Enterprise Mike Cottmeyer podcast video

* - Expecting updates to the presentation soon. Also coming soon: videos from the keynote and other sessions in room 5.